/ Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, 2013

Dirty Paper draw upon their past experiences and create works that speak in the language of nostalgia, reminiscence and collective memories. The two members of the group display works that illustrate their individual pasts alongside their collaborative works. Lap finds inspiration from his high school years; he was initially fascinated by school uniforms: a antiquated social device that has lost its relevance, yet nevertheless prevalent in post-colonia Hong Kong. Lap also revisits dogmas and lessons in discipline we all have encountered in high school, questioning the effectiveness of these indoctrinating decrees from a sarcasti perspective. Keung suffered the loss of his beloved pet cat, and when event took a turn for the worse he lost his digital photo library to an unexpected hard disk failure, resulting in th lost of many of his cat’s picture. Keung attempts to reverse the effect of his amnesiac mishap, and in the process questions the objectivity and validity of one’s own memories.