I Cannot Wait For Three Months

/ Istanbul, Turkey, 2019

Since 2011, halka sanat projesi Residency Programme has hosted more than eighty artists, curators and cultural researchers from more than thirty countries. Hong Kong based artist Chan Wai Lap, halka sanat projesi’s current residency artist, has started swimming in recent years as a way of refreshing the mind which has gradually become a subject of research for him. Through his swimming experiences in Hong Kong and during his travels to Berlin, Paris and London, he has found that observations and studies in public swimming pools is a way of reflection on a city’s culture, history, architectural aesthetic, people’s activities and living patterns. In this context, he has attended the artist residency in School of Visual Arts New York, to study the swimming pools around New York.

Chan Wai Lap’s current exhibition is a document of his visit to different water related spaces in Istanbul, as a reflection of how to deal with the unpredicted and new experiences and connections that took place during his residency made the nucleus of the exhibition.