Mum, do you know who I am?

/ BOOKED: Art Book Pop-Ups, Tai Kwun Contempoary, Hong Kong, 2021

Mum, do you know who I am?

One morning in 2020, she lost her memory...
In my second artist book, I continued my exploration of the mother-son relationship through a series of questions my mother kept asking during her four hours of amnesia. I visited her workplace in an attempt to find out the reasons and answers for the incident, and to truly understand her daily life in more detail.



“You were brought from the beggar”

/ Booked: Hong Kong Art Book Fair, Tai Kwun Contempoary, Hong Kong, 2020

“You were brought from the beggar”, my first art book cooperated with my mum, documenting the stories between me, her and Hong Kong.


我這位乞衣仔首次邀請執我回來的「後母」一起創作,回顧過去數十年互相拍攝的照片,香港昔日各處的風景,求學時假冒的字跡,紀錄過去與當下,結集成 書。